PUBG Mobile Free Skin Trick- M24 Sniper

If you are a regular PUBG Mobile freak, you must have always dreamt of stylish clothes for your character, amazing vehicle paints, and shining gun skins. Well, now it is going to be true.

After the latest 0.14.0 version update a lot of new features have been added like- New game modes, New guns, New store Items and a lot of new stuff.

With all the excitement and a whole new level of awesomeness added to the new update, there also come some ways/tricks to get many eye-catching gun skins for free and this adorable M24 skin shown below is one of them.

Fabulous, right? So without wasting your time anymore, I’ll be now showing you that how can you get this beauty by following these few easy in-game steps.

Open our beloved game PUBG and slide into the Mission section as –

Missions > Achievements > Progress ( the body icon) > Evo Tactician.

Here you can see, On 5th level of Evo Tactician mission the award for completing it is the brand new M24 skin we are rolling our eyes on.

As the instructions say, to get this skin we have to play 200 matches in Evo Ground mode.


Too long and can’t wait?

We know! That’s why we came up with this amazing trick to finish the mission in just a few hours and get that skin into our grasp. Just follow the steps mentioned in this article to understand the trick.

STEP 1 –

Open Game mode selection tab exactly below the “START” button and select “Zombie: Survive till dawn 2” mode in EvoGround section.

Don’t forget to turn off the Auto-matching option as we are about to do something crazy.

image: Select Survive Till Dawn 2, Turn off Auto matching

Click the “START” button and wait until the matching is done and you enter a battle.

image: waiting for the plain in practice lobby

STEP 2 –

After the plane has arrived, its the time to use the trick.

Jump out of the plane as soon as you see the jump button on your screen and fly out of the safe zone (towards the blue toxic zone). Yes, you read that right, we have to get out of the safe circle and die in the blue zone to finish the match early.

image: getting out of safe play zone to die early

You will see a lot of other players doing the same thing because “That’s what heroes do”.

image: Everyone needs the damn skin


The blue toxic zone will kill you in no time and you will be teleported back to the lobby.

Go back to “Missions > Achievements > Progress ( the body icon) > Eva Tactician” section.

You will see the number of matches you played on EvoGround has been increased by one.

image: Number of matches played increased

That’s it, Now you don’t have to play a full match to complete the target of 200. Just go by the trick method and you will have your M24 sniper painted. ENJOY 😉

Updated: September 8, 2019 — 8:58 am

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