How To Read Deleted Messages Of Whatsapp

How To Read Deleted Messages On Whatsapp | Messenger This Message Was Deleted

Today I am showing you how to read deleted messages on whatsapp ( This message was deleted )

First of all to see how this tricks works take two smartphones of your home which are connected on whatsapp type Hii in one mobile and send the message on whatsapp of other mobile after message recieved successfully on other mobile delete the message of first mobile which you use to send message by click on delete to everyone the message was deleted in second mobile also so I am showing you today how to read the messages if your friend send you and deleted them. this trick is working with one application. just follow the below steps and you’re done.

Step to read Deleted Messages On Whatsapp

Step 1 : Go to playstore in your smartphone and search for Notisave – save notification

Step 2 : Download the application on your smartphone after installation complete open the application.

Step 3 : the popup blinks allow access to application click on ‘Allow’ to use the application.

Step 4 : Click on Next it take you to the setting > notification access and on the notisave option after done this process go back to notisave application

Step 5 : Send Hi from first mobile to second mobile on whatsapp when message sent from first mobile you get notification on notisave  of whatsapp message

Step 6 : now if you delete that sent message from first mobile the message was deleted on second mobile but the original message appear on notisave this trick can help you when your friend send bad messages and deleted them for fun this will help to caught them.

I am sure this trick works with you If yes then comment down below.

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