Instagram launches IGTV app, 1-hour video uploads

Instagram launches IGTV app to compete head-on with Youtube, 1-hour video uploads

Instagram is updating their app day-by-day. In 2017-18 they update lot’s of new features in their Instagram app like go live, funny stickers, new filters and more now Instagram launches its new app called IGTV, yes you heard right Instagram Launched IGTV app for creators where you can upload a video of 1 hour. Instagram launches IGTV because the content on Instagram is useful and creators getting uploading video time of only 1 minute to update this Instagram launches IGTV app at a flashy event in San Fransisco. 

I bet you this is gonna rock for content creators on Instagram because they get 1-hour video upload where they can give better content to their followers. Because of this might, the use of youtube shall be decreased because Instagram users increasing day-by-day and because of this new feature some youtube content creators might be converted to use Instagram IGTV.

Let’s talk about IGTV app

The IGTV app will be available globally over the world for Android and iOS. IGTV feature is located in the Instagram app also above the stories feature. 

 Instagram IGTV app

IGTV app also allows creators to create their channel on Instagram for identity like how youtube has youtube channel same like Instagram creators can create their Instagram channel.

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