NO More Custom Thumbnail on YouTube Videos ! Why YouTube?

NO More Custom Thumbnail on YouTube Videos! Why? YouTube News update & experiment

NO More Custom Thumbnail on YouTube Videos ! Why ?

There is one important update from youtube for all creators that youtube is going to experiment with thumbnails of creators for coming weeks. The experiment is youtube is going to show automatically generated thumbnail for some percent of your audience from all your audience of your youtube channel who watch your videos. youtube is not going to show your custom thumbnail which you are using for attracting an audience to your videos Youtube show the second thumbnail from automatically generated thumbnails to some percent of the audience of your youtube channel. This experiment is for some weeks and for some creators not for everyone.

Youtube doing this experiment because they wanted to improve quality of automatically generated thumbnails. Youtube said that they are not going to close the option of custom thumbnails they doing this experiment for improvement. Youtube is doing research on this.

Maybe, Youtube is doing this for fake clickbait where audience get fooled just because they see the attractive thumbnail and click on the video and when it comes to the video they irritate because is the video, not any helpful for them or video contains off-topic.

So, don’t afraid if your channel also not getting the option of custom thumbnail then don’t worry Youtube is just doing an experiment for some weeks.

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