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7 Sought After Skills to Acquire


If you skim past all the superficial content available online, the internet is a fantastic information database. The internet has made it possible for us to gain access to vast amounts of knowledge. This knowledge is largely available for free. We can all master any field of our choice if we use this resource effectively. Content is available in written, audio, and visual form. So everyone can choose the mode of learning that best suits them.

It is important to have a passion for self-learning. It feels great to constantly improve and upgrade our skill level. Apart from personal development, you can also use your acquired skills to generate a good income. Self-learning also signifies attention to detail. If someone is taking out time to learn a topic or skill, it is because they are passionate about what they are learning and turned their hobby into a professional skill. Self-employed individuals tend to incline themselves toward self-learning. However, whether you are your own boss or if you work for someone else, self-learning will reap multiple benefits for professional and personal development ifvod.

As mentioned earlier, the internet has provided multiple avenues for self-learning. So it only makes sense to opt for a reliable internet service provider. Get your desired internet reliability only with Windstream.

Don’t be afraid even if you are stuck in a career that you don’t particularly enjoy. If you invest your time and energy into something, it will eventually pique your interest no matter how boring it may initially seem. If you are making good progress you will refrain from backing off from self-learning initiatives. Here are some in-demand skills you should acquire to help enhance personal and professional growth.

Become a Self-Made Handyman

Changes in our lifestyle brought on by technological advances have resulted in our jobs becoming largely sedentary. In previous times, handyman skills were passed on to future generations. Now, however, we seem to have forgotten these skills. Our education system also does not foster an environment where we could learn these skills. We have been conditioned to believe that these skills are only for under-achievers. The truth is that regardless you are a professional plumber or electrician or not, it is useful to know these skills. Handyman skills will surely make your life easier.

There is no problem if you failed to learn these skills earlier. You can find numerous video tutorials about basic handyman skills like plumbing and woodworking on YouTube and other video streaming websites. These skills will save you significant amounts of money the next time you need to make repairs in your home.

You can also generate a side income (or pursue it full-time if you are not interested in a regular desk job) once you master handyman skills. There are online platforms, similar to Fiver and Upwork, which serve as a marketplace for buyers and sellers of handyman skills.

Learn Photo and Video Editing

Practically all marketing activities today are centered on visual content. So it only makes sense to learn video and photo editing. If you have a flair for creativity, you can enjoy tremendous success in this field of work. Just like handyman skills, you can easily find countless video tutorials online to help you become an ace photographer and/or videographer. However, don’t opt for this field if you do not have a good eye for aesthetics and composition. You may be able to learn the technical aspect of this field, but if you are not a creative type then these skills will not provide you any practical value.

Learning photo and video editing skills can initially be very slow due to its technical nature. However, once you get familiar with editing software, your learning curve goes up. As you get progressively better at these skills, you will begin to enjoy them. You can easily start your freelancing career as a visual editor by seeking work on platforms like Elance or Upwork. These skills are high in demand in the IT sector. Game developers particularly seek workers having editing skills. You don’t even need a college education to secure these jobs. You just need to demonstrate your proficiency in editing skills by showing prospective employers your work samples.

Learn How to Blog or Vlog

Blogging is a highly engaging hobby. Even if you just blog for personal interest, you will get to hone your writing and communication skills and find a niche in which you are comfortable. Blogging is a great way to yield influence. They offer valuable insights and life hacks for various population demographics. Most tutorial videos posted online are created by bloggers themselves. If your blogs or vlogs gain a following, you can easily get hired by big brands and other businesses as an influencer.

However, relying on minor celebrity status alone to generate an income is a big gamble. You can get good money now and then, but the income is not stable. Websites such as CareerAddict pay bloggers for well-written articles. Try to build up a portfolio so you can launch your blogging website so you get noticed by other businesses. Also, try to write on a niche for which you are passionate. It is only your passion that will get you ahead in the field of writing. You can write good articles on a topic only if you are intrinsically motivated by it.

Vlogging can be described as an extension of blogging. This field has grown tremendously over the past decade or so. Vlogging has some obvious advantages over blogging. People prefer consuming video content as it requires less effort than reading a blog post. So the engagement levels for vlogs will invariably be much higher than blogs written on the same topic. Blogs can only be read by those who are literate, so vlogs will always get greater coverage than blogs. With the advancements in cellphone camera technology, you do not necessarily need expensive video equipment or editing expertise to start a vlogging channel. However, your channel will likely get greater coverage if you have good production quality. You will need excellent public speaking skills to become a successful vlogger. Since you will be broadcasting to an audience of millions, having great showman skills is a prerequisite to getting into this line of work.

You also need to work on how you present the content of your blogs and vlogs. Simply knowing is not good enough. Your content will only get effectively monetized if you engagingly present the content.

Learn to Be Good at a Particular Video Game

The professional gaming industry has grown tremendously over the past decade or so. It is on the verge of becoming a billion-dollar market. Yes, you heard it right. You can now make a legitimate career out of an activity that your parents probably discouraged you to spend too much time on. It is insane how this activity has become such a big business.

While you would expect professional gamers to make a lot of money through tournaments, you will perhaps be surprised to know you can make money even as a casual gamer. For some inexplicable reason, millions of people out there are willing to spend considerable time every day just to watch other people play video games. So all you need to do is to start playing a popular video game, make “Let’s Play” videos, and upload them on your YouTube channel. There are some websites, like Twitch, that are dedicated to streaming entertainment videos including gaming videos. It is like people are just donating their money to gamers for doing a fun activity. It appears making money has never been so easy.

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Software and Hardware Skills

We have become more heavily reliant on computer technology than ever before, so we are bound to encounter hardware and software problems. We invariably try not to fix these issues ourselves out of fear that we may compromise our stored data. So we depend on others to fix these problems for us. Learning all about computer hardware and software can relieve us from this feeling of powerlessness. We can also apply these skills when using other devices like gaming consoles, tablets, and smartphones.

For starters, buy an external hard drive to create a backup of whatever data you store on your computer. This will keep you in a relaxed state of mind as you will know that even if you lose data on your computer you still have a backup. There is plenty of information available online to help you cope with any software and hardware problems you may encounter. You don’t need to call a friend or colleague to help you when you can do it yourself. Even if you call a professional repair person, first try fixing it yourself. It will be a learning experience at the very least.

Through trial and error, you will eventually learn these hacks. Once this happens, you will be able to help others with their computer problems. As you build up your reputation as a go-to person for hardware and software problems, you can begin to charge money for your services. You can even make tutorial videos on these hacks and monetize them on YouTube.

Become an Expert on a Particular Subject

This is somewhat related to vlogging and blogging we talked about earlier. Try to find a niche subject that intrinsically motivates you. Research such subjects and become an expert in this field. It is important to make your content fun to maintain good engagement. The way you present your content will determine the number of followers your channel will attract. If you gain expertise in your chosen field, you will find a way to make your content engaging and pleasing to consume. People love to learn new things. But they also want to have fun while they are learning these things.

Find what you are passionate about. Explore that topic in great depth and give your followers a constructive analysis on that topic. Try to make your followers question things by encouraging debate and by introducing your point of view. Try talking about trending books, movies, or series. Present your theories regarding these things or talk about already existing fan theories. You will get noticed by doing these things and other influencers within your niche will also promote your content.

An expert opinion will always have tremendous value. By demonstrating your expertise, you can build up your credentials and even apply for full-time jobs related to your field of expertise. In recent years, Google and other search engines have ramped up their efforts to discourage spam content from gaining prominence on search pages. So if your content is what could be described as expert opinion, it is likely to rank higher on search engines.

Start Creating Your Recipes

We are sure you must have seen Master Chef on TV and must fantasize about cooking those kinds of meals. However, those dishes often require special ingredients that are hard to find and/or expensive to purchase. It would be a lot better if you could make a meal out of ingredients that are commonly found in the kitchen. People are always on the hunt for quick and easy solutions and the same applies to cooking as well.

You don’t even need to be an expert cook to become famous. As long as you can get creative with commonly available food ingredients, you can easily launch a successful cooking channel on YouTube. Being a good cook is also a good way to become a globetrotter. Numerous TV programs seek good cooks to prepare meals for passengers on cruise-liners. Traveling non-stop may sometimes get exhausting but it offers very good money. And of course, it allows you to see new places and make new friends.

Cooking is a great self-learning experience. You will not learn cooking by memorizing good recipes. You have to actually start cooking to become a good chef. You can add a personal touch by improvising with different ingredients before you find the right combination.

Summing Up

The world has become highly competitive. To ensure you remain a step ahead of the competition, you need to ensure your skills are up-to-date. Fortunately, the internet with its humongous knowledge base has made it very easy to develop your skill-set. All you need to do is to identify a niche that appeals to you and master your skills in that niche.

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