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Here you can find detailed information about the Jasmine flower. Jasmine flower in Hindi


You must have heard the name of jasmine flower in hindi or jasmine, while coming at night wherever you would get the fragrance of the flowers planted on the queen of the night plant, as if your mind would start saying that this is the only night that should be spent. Because the fragrance of the queen of the night’s flowers is so pleasing to the senses. jasmine flower in hindi

However, it has been observed that many people are perplexed by the names Jasmine, Bela, Raat Ki Rani, and so on, or that many people do not know the correct identity of these flowers. The names of the flowers are listed below, along with an image to help you identify them.

How to grow jasmine

The majority of jasmine plants are planted by cutting the pen. In such a case, planting jasmine flower in hindi by cutting is considered the best option. Because it has the best chance of becoming a pen plant.

To begin, take 5 to 10 cuttings from a healthy jasmine plant. After that, you plant it in the ground. Even if your two or four pens are damaged as a result of this, your work will be completed quickly.

Planting Jasmine Cuttings

1- When preparing the pen, remember to always cut it with a soft branch. That branch should also be neat and clean. The best pen size is 5 to 7 inches.

Take special care when cutting the pen to ensure that it is cut cleanly. So that he can get rid of the roots as soon as possible.

2- Next, cut the leaves and twigs that have grown inside the pen. Take special care not to cut the tips of the leaves when cutting them. Otherwise, growing them will be difficult.

3- After cutting all of the pens, immerse them in clean water for 5 minutes. As a result, their greenery will remain unchanged.

soil preparation

To begin preparing the soil, locate a location with very clean soil. Because the plant cannot thrive in pebble stone soil.

After that, you add some sand and compost to it. Fertilizer is essential for the growth of any plant, so try to use cow dung manure instead of market fertilizers.

Gather all of these items while keeping the size of your pot in mind.

Take precautions after cutting

After planting the cuttings, water the pot with a spray bottle. Put the pot in a large dish if you don’t have a spray can. After that, you continue to fill this parat.

The plant will continue to draw water from it as needed. Try keeping the pot in the shade if you’re planting cuttings in the summer. Otherwise, your planted pen may become dehydrated.

Also, once the buds appear, place it in a spot with indirect sunlight.

How to Care for a Jasmine Plant


To begin with, only use good soil when preparing the soil. Because the better the soil, the better the plant’s growth.


In the summer, the jasmine plant requires more water. That is why more water is provided in the summer. Also, only keep the plant moist in the winter.


The jasmine plant requires more light. As a result, in addition to keeping it in the sun, take special care to water it. However, when applying it, keep it out of the sun.


If a plant branch becomes too long, only cut it back during the winter season. Because the jasmine plant’s flowers fall during this time.


Hoe the soil and add manure to it once a month. When applying fertiliser, keep in mind that the fertiliser should be applied close to the roots. Some people remove the soil around the root and inject fertiliser into it; do not do this.

Where does jasmine flower come into play?

In our country, the jasmine flower is mostly used in religious work. In addition, you should be aware that our country’s women are highly skilled in handicrafts.

In this case, she also uses this flower to make Gajra. Aside from that, certain species of this flower are used to extract oil.

In addition, this flower is used in Ayurvedic medicine, and the oil obtained from it is used to treat a variety of diseases.

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