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How to Choose a Web Editor? | 7 Forgotten Criteria


Creating content to feed your company’s website or blog is certainly taking too much of your time. Maybe you don’t even know how to write relevant and SEO- optimized texts. The solution is simple: outsource the writing of your web content to a freelancer. But, here it is… choosing the ideal web editor is not an easy task. You need to consider several criteria. There’s style, spelling, ability to write about your industry, SEO skills, and more. To get a taste of his work, you can even request a test article. However, there are other criteria that we don’t always think about… How can we tell the difference between several authors? I suggest you review 7 qualities to remember to help you make the right choice.

1 – A responsive and fast editor

Isn’t it annoying to send emails to service providers and not get a response within 24 hours?
If you are looking for a good freelance web editor, their responsiveness is an essential basis for future collaboration.
Obviously, you have a very busy schedule and the writer you covet too. Still, having a quick response is a positive sign. This tells you that he listens to his customers and that a quick return via email can make the difference against a competitor. Indeed, a response that is too late often rhymes with a lack of professionalism.

2 – An author who offers complementary services

A professional must offer complementary services to SEO web writing.
Please note, I am not talking about a catch-all web editor who writes on the theme of health, but also on finance and who turns into a pen lender for the writing of a book. I’m talking about a Swiss army knife ghostwriter who knows:

  • how to embed posts in WordPress  ;
  • where to find royalty-free images, fill in the Alt tag and name the photos correctly;
  • how to share content on social networks;
  • how to proofread, correct and optimize content that you have written yourself;
  • Write with some copywriting techniques and increase your traffic.

His talents don’t stop at writing. It also offers paid but highly sought-after services, such as an SEO audit of the editorial content of your site, the translation of your content or the transcription of the subtitles of your YouTube videos.
In 2019, your needs will surely evolve along with the market and you will certainly want to hire freelancers who will offer you a wider range of services: writing scripts for your videos, writing programs for your online training or the copy written texts of your opt-ins. They are the ones who will make the difference.

–> Choosing a good web editor only takes a few seconds with Web.

3 – A freelancer who communicates like a pro

Calling on a professional author means ensuring a quality service. A text must be delivered as a Word or Google Docs file (it can also be integrated directly into your CMS). If the text is pasted into the body of the email, you are dealing with an amateur.
Did you order optimized images? They must be gathered in a zipped folder and be correctly named.
A freelance web editor is a service provider. His role is to make your job easier, save you time and money thanks to the quality of his work.

Think about these small details when looking for a collaborator.

4 – A web editor who knows how to exceed your expectations

You receive your order before the expected time… Great, isn’t it?
Our Web authors provide you with proofread, corrected, edited and optimized texts with Hen tags, strong tags, etc. In short, texts ready to be published without having to edit them. Phew!

The freelance writer is an entrepreneur, like you, he must satisfy his customers. A good way to keep yourself is to turn in a neat job. If in addition, the content is optimized for html integration and SEO, it has it all!
Most platform writers don’t know what html tags are and don’t know anything about SEO. They produce basic texts that you find everywhere on the web. You will not get anything more and the user experience will certainly be unpleasant because the contents will lack fluidity.

5 – A freelancer who follows his clients

How do you choose your provider?
Are you looking among your contacts for someone who has already worked with you and who regularly hears from you, or are you hunting for freelancers with each new project?
Admit that you remember more easily the one who does regular customer follow-up. Logically, you will work with him again, especially if his previous work was of high quality.

An entrepreneur, whatever the sector of activity, must put the customer relationship at the heart of his business. The editor is no exception to this rule. This is an important criterion for the customer relationship and the commercial relationship.

6 – A copywriter who knows how to come up with new content ideas

SEO web editors specialize in creating SEO-optimized content. This means that beyond the pen, they know how to find article ideas that can improve the positioning of your site in Google.

Your new employee must understand your values, your vision and how you want to evolve your brand. Your exchanges and his interest in your site will help him. It must be able to naturally offer you a list of articles that look like you while improving you’re positioning in Google.

I often suggest that my clients create a shared board on Trello where I write down all the article ideas or key requests to work on for their blog. With this system, they can also complete the picture with their own ideas. This avoids endless email exchanges and keeps all the great ideas in one place.
If your editor, or web editor, offers you content and SEO improvement ideas (and they are good), it will once again be “all good” for you!

7 – Choosing the ideal web editor means choosing the one who shares your content

Having a new web content writing partner can also be part of a company’s marketing strategy. How? Ask him if he agrees to share your content (which he wrote) on his social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest.

Anglo-Saxon countries have long understood the power of social networks and they know how to exploit the audience with their partners. A simple tactic is to post your content under your writer’s real name and include a short bio and link to their site. To thank you, he will share your content on all his social networks. He can even “tag” you. You reach a new audience that you could not reach otherwise. It’s a win-win deal for both of you. It gains visibility and you increase your traffic, so you gain leads.

Often forgotten in the development of the digital strategy, your editor is nevertheless a real ally!

What you must remember

To hire a good web editor, you must take into account their professionalism and skills. You also need to trust your instincts. The various services offered should guide your choice.

And you, what are the details that make the difference when looking for a web editor?

This article was written by Céline Michelet, blogger and SEO web editor (click on her name to discover her profile and place an order with her!)

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