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LG dolby atmos sound bar


If you want to upgrade your home cinema audio for a more immersive experience but don’t want to drill holes in your ceiling or turn your living room into a speaker version of Stonehenge, you’ll be relieved to know that with the help of a LG dolby atmos sound bar, you can enjoy truly immersive sound with your film screenings from the comfort of your own home – without any of the hassles.

A LG dolby atmos sound bar might take your TV’s audio to the next level without the effort and cost of a complete installation. These sleek speakers can replicate the engulfing, 3dtuning experience you’d enjoy at the movies. Most premium Atmos soundbars employ upward-firing drivers to disseminate sound vertically and reflect it off your ceiling, creating the illusion of above speakers. As a result, objects on your screen, such as circling helicopters or pouring rain, can be heard.

How to choose the best soundbar for you

There are currently a variety of Dolby Atmos soundbars available to fit most budgets. As a result, most of our submissions are more expensive than regular soundbars. Spending more usually means getting better home cinema sound. Nonetheless, our best budget soundbars article can assist if you’re looking for a budget soundbar. For additional information, see our article on how to choose and set up a soundbar koodevide.

Before you buy:

  1. Keep in mind the following.
  2. Consider the size of your TV when choosing a new soundbar.
  3. Check the soundbar’s height; if it includes upward-firing drivers, they need a clear line of sight to the ceiling to work correctly.

Not all Dolby Atmos soundbars have upward-firing drivers. Some decode the file and deliver it virtually using DSP to create a 3D soundstage illusion. While virtual Atmos models can’t produce actual height effects, there’s more to Atmos than the Y-axis. An LG dolby atmos sound bar can sometimes give better sound than a subpar model with vertical speakers.

When using a soundbar with height drivers, keep in mind that low ceilings will help bounce the sound and that the soundbar’s top must be uncovered and away from the TV screen.

In addition to the internal drivers, some soundbars have external subwoofers and back speakers for surround sound effects. The satellite speakers on some Atmos soundbars even fire upward. If you value deep bass and a wide soundstage, consider these options.

Moving on to features and connection, LG dolby atmos sound bar will all have ARC or eARC-enabled HDMI ports, allowing you to adjust the soundbar’s volume with your existing remote. Consider whether you need a separate physical remote for the soundbar or whether you’re ok changing settings from a smartphone app.

LG dolby atmos sound bar support wireless music streaming via services like Airplay 2, Spotify Connect, Chromecast, and Bluetooth. Some feature voice assistant compatible mics. If you have external devices like a gaming console or a 4K Blu-ray player, look for HDMI passthrough connectors that can help you customise your setup.

If you want the best 3D sound, make sure your TV and soundbar support Dolby TrueHD and eARC. In this case, the soundbar can only handle Dolby Atmos in its lossy Dolby Digital Plus form. However, Dolby TrueHD can give full-fat Dolby Atmos without degradation.

How we test Dolby Atmos soundbars

Our expert in-house reviewers test the bulk of hi-fi and AV equipment that comes through our doors in London, Reading, and Bath.

Each Dolby Atmos soundbar we review is compared to the finest in its price and feature class – whether that’s the current What Hi-Fi? Award winner or some of the newest models we’ve been impressed by. We keep class-leading products in our stockrooms to readily compare new products to ones we know and enjoy.

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