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It may be therapeutic to drink water from an earthen pot. But read this comprehensive guide if you aren’t aware of about how it can be helpful.

Have you ever drunk liquid from a matka (clay pot)? If you haven’t, you surely have noticed folks preserving matka in their residences. Earthen pots were used to keep water back then since they helped the water chill naturally and were more common than refrigerators.

In addition to being a time-honored substitute for glass or other types of containers, this ancient practice is also a beneficial and nutritious one. Consequently, we have listed the following six characteristics of an earthen pot to assist you in understanding its advantages:   

1. innate cooling abilities

When water is kept in a clay pot, it naturally cools down. The clay pot’s surface has tiny holes, and water swiftly evaporates through them. The evaporation process makes sure that the heat of the water inside the pot is removed, bringing down the water’s temperature. 

You can try the following products:

2. Natural alkaline

The majority of the food we consume turns acidic in the body and produces pollutants. Clay interacts with acidic foods to maintain a proper pH equilibrium because of its alkaline makeup. hence preventing acidity and problems associated to the stomach.

3. Enhances metabolism

Since clay pot water contains no chemicals of any type, drinking clay pot water regularly can increase metabolism. Because of the minerals in water, this can also aid in better digestion.

4. Protects from sunburn

During the sweltering heat, sunstroke is a regular issue. Because the clay pot protects the water’s beneficial minerals and nutrients and encourages quick rehydration, drinking water from one helps prevent sunstroke.

5. Caution when swallowing

Itching and throat irritation might result from drinking cold water straight from the refrigerator. On the other hand, the water in a clay pot is the ideal temperature because it is calming to the throat and won’t cause someone to cough or become ill.  

6. Natural cleaner

Water can be organically purified by clay pots in addition to being effective for cooling it. The water is somewhat safe to drink thanks to the porous micro-texture that traps pollutants.

So acquire your own earthen clay pot right once and enjoy the numerous health advantages of storing and drinking water from one.

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