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Pros and Cons of Clear Braces


Orthodontists help you improve the appearance of your teeth by straightening them for a perfect smile. Braces are some of the common equipment orthodontists will use for teeth straightening. A mouthful of metal brackets and wires is easily noticeable, so patients often opt for clear or ceramic braces. They tend to be more discrete. Here are the pros and cons of clear braces as an alternative to metal options:

Understanding Clear or Ceramic Braces

Clear or ceramic braces work the same way as traditional braces. They use the bracket and wire system to align your teeth. The difference is that, unlike metal braces, clear braces are made of porcelain, plastic, or ceramic. Orthodontists create see-through braces using high-quality materials, making them strong enough to shift your teeth in the right position. Your orthodontist will adjust your brackets and wires throughout your treatment period to make sure your teeth align properly.


Here are the benefits of using clear braces over metal options.

Better Aesthetics

Metal braces have a shine and are easily noticeable when placed on teeth. This can interfere with the aesthetics of the mouth, distracting from the white appearance of your teeth.

These braces are clear, so they do not block your teeth’s appearance. Such qualities make them less distracting and better looking than the metal options.

Confidence Boost for Teens

Teeth straightening can help teens regain their self-confidence by learning to love their smiles. Attaining these results by using metal braces can lead to emotional and physical discomfort. These teens may feel uncomfortable smiling or opening their mouths widely in public for the duration of the treatment.

Using see-through braces helps boost teens’ confidence since they are less noticeable. Teenagers can undergo treatment without worrying about their braces reflectively negatively on their appearance.

Professional Appearance

Wearing braces as an adult can feel intimidating, especially if your co-workers notice them easily. Metal braces can be a distraction at the workplace when serving clients, so you should opt for see-through braces.

Ceramic braces are tooth-colored, so they can be harder to notice. This allows you to work without drawing attention to your teeth when you talk. You will feel more confident in the workplace. 

Equally Effective

Metal and see-through braces do the same job. Clear braces might look less sturdy, but they are strong enough to be effective. These braces can shorten your treatment duration, depending on your expected results. You won’t have to compromise appearance for efficiency. 


See-through braces can have some disadvantages for the patients, including:

Higher Cost

Clear braces can be costlier than metal braces, so they might be expensive for some patients. The higher price is indicative of the top-quality materials, which causes them to come at a premium. You may need more visits when you choose clear braces, increasing treatment costs.

Some dental insurance plans cover the cost of brace treatment. You may benefit from a dental clinic offering financing options to spread the payments for your treatment costs across several months.

Prone to Discoloration

See-through braces coloring makes them appear almost natural on your teeth. That way, they do not draw any attention to your teeth while you talk or smile.

Clear braces may lose their light coloring over time due to staining from foods and drinks. Drinks like coffee and red wine can cause stains which affect their appearance. Smoking may result in the braces’ darker appearance, which might warrant more frequent replacements.

During see-through braces treatment, you should avoid ingesting foods and drinks that can discolor your braces. Keeping them in the best condition can prevent the need for replacements, lowering treatment costs.

Get Expert Help Installing Clear Braces

Deciding on the right orthodontic treatment option for your teeth can be tricky, so you need to work with an expert. Your orthodontist will go through the pros and cons of clear braces to help determine if they are the right choice. They examine your teeth and develop a proper treatment plan and an accurate recommendation.

If you are looking for a subtle option for braces, consider getting see-through braces. The pros may outweigh the cons for many patients, especially teens. Find a qualified orthodontist to help you get effective braces treatment.

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