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Where Do Cannabis Delivery Services Get Their Weed?


The evolution of cannabis and its recreational as well as medicinal use in Canada has changed over the years. Controlled use of the product has led to an increase in businesses dealing with weed. The cannabis delivery service thrives on the legalization of recreational weed in Canadian provinces. It has also provided greater access to the commodity. 

These delivery services have to be rightfully protected under the law for them to have a legal existence. The delivery companies have also created a means for businesses with small operations to deliver their products to prospective clients. But where do these cannabis delivery services get their weed from?

Where Do Cannabis Delivery Services Get Their Weed?

One of the best places for cannabis delivery services to source weed is from wholesalers. The benefit of getting weed from established wholesalers is that the cannabis delivery services will have access to different varieties. This means that you can make your selection from exclusive brands that are of high quality and in demand. You should confirm that the wholesaler has a license to operate within the area and abides by the local regulations.

The best wholesalers to source your product should provide top-notch services, including warehousing, to preserve product quality and taste. Well-established wholesalers offer financing options to loyal customers who have the capacity to handle more products and have proved loyal. The delivery service should interrogate the source of the weed in order to ascertain its standards and content. While most wholesalers will offer standard services, consider weed wholesalers who offer payment processing, marketing services, and data analytics.

1. Weed Dispensaries

Weed dispensaries offer a legal source of cannabis for recreational and medical purposes that will satisfy your requirements. The dispensaries offer varying qualities of weed with varying strains and different THC and CBD levels. Cannabis delivery services should always avoid compromising on the quality of the weed for quantity. The best weed dispensaries have various strains packaged and properly labeled in containers to ascertain the products.

The cannabis delivery services also get their weed from dispensaries that are in locations close to their clients. This point holds especially true in situations where cannabis is necessary for pain relief. The dispensaries also differ in whether the delivery services are for recreation or medical purposes and always keep their products behind locked doors. Most of the dispensaries that serve as sources for medical marijuana have staff who are knowledgeable about their products.

2. Online Retail Stores

If you plan to start a weed delivery service, one of the best places to get a credible store is on the online platform. The online weed stores have no restrictions regarding your physical location as long as your location allows its use. The delivery services can get orders made online by clients within their area of operation. Online stores are also more preferred by customers since their discounts and offers are typically much better. 

Delivery services have the benefit of flexibility in terms of their selection for recreational and medical weed. The flexibility also allows for better tailoring and customization of the product to fit the user’s needs. When looking for an online store, consider its credibility, the weed’s purity, and its compliance with legal requirements.

3. Manufacturers

Manufacturers are among the best sources to get weed if you run a cannabis delivery service in your locality. The manufacturers may have licenses and are registered to either deal with recreational or medical weed. In most cases, they contract independent and approved laboratories to conduct tests on cannabis products, especially for medical use. This factor assures the delivery service of safe and quality cannabis and related products for the users’ consumption.

Licensed manufacturers follow approved processes, adhere to set standards, and follow Good Manufacturing Practices with all their products. These practices provide preservation for cannabis and its related products from any contamination. Delivery services prefer dealing with manufacturers because their production is consistent, has controlled procedures, and has a product quality plan. They also keep batch production records, package products for longer shelf life, and are liable in case any issue arises.

4. Local Specialty Stores

Local specialty stores offer a much faster and easier source of weed for the delivery services. The specialty stores mostly deal with local clients within their location and can easily be found in business directories. The local stores offer convenience and are easily accessible for resolution in case of any complaints. They also offer less specific codes compared to dispensaries which require adequate filtration systems to eliminate dust and odors.

Specialty stores will offer various products for use with varying strains. They also have products that are of good quality and meet required standards for both recreation and medical use. Licensed stores adhere to local laws and regulations; hence delivery services will benefit from sourcing weed from a credible store. The best delivery service stores have integrated marijuana programs that are regulated for their users.

5. Wholesale Weed Farms

Delivery services can enter into contracts with processing facilities to source weed for processing from the weed farms within the local area. Weed farms are popular for the growth and cultivation of the product within their facilities under controlled conditions for the best quality. The weed farms employ growers who follow strict standards to maintain the temperature and humidity requirements for good results. The farms also have filtration requirements based on the weed farm’s environment and location.

If the facility is in a populated location, then the filtration process may require restricting the release of odors and dust. In some instances, the growers hasten the growth of the cannabis plants by using carbon dioxide injections. With such processes being undertaken, the delivery services are certain of a constant supply of cannabis for their clients. The delivery service should choose weed farms in its area as the regulations may differ based on product quality and content.

Final Word

All the provinces in Canada have legalized marijuana under the confines of the Cannabis Act. The Act sets a framework that helps control how cannabis is produced, distributed, sold, and possessed within the country. Under the cannabis control act, the sale and distribution of the product is prohibited to persons under the age of 19. 

The benefits of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes should follow safeguards under its controlled and prescribed use. Cannabis delivery services should also source the product from legal sources that are reliable and safe. The above sources highlight some of the best channels for obtaining cannabis for delivery services. 

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